Help and Lessons for Chronic Health

Help and Lessons for Chronic Health



Herstelcirkel in de wijk


Are you ready? Are you convinced you need to modify NOW your eating and thinking habits AND your lifestyle to conquer a chronic illness, to gain optimum health, energy and well-being?

Do you feel 100% healthy?
Have you already tried out diets, gone to Health Centers, read books or found the unlimited, more or less worthfull information on the internet about the subject? And than, did you realise that changing habits isn’t easy on your own, at home, especially if you don’t feel that good already?

Maybe it is the power of each one of us supporting each other that will help us all take back our health.

Mark Hymann, Functional Medicine

Would you like to have a buddy? An informed buddy, one who has healing skills, who knows about healthy nutrition, can give you cooking lessons, takes you into breathing correctly, into moving without pain and with joy, helps you find the reasons why and takes you into  healing the chronic conditions you have been in for so long?


I have created Help to Health to go deeper into transformation, to coach people with chronic health problems to listen to and care for their body and see health and joy grow every day. In a large amount of ailments, the source is improper food and improper attitudes. Help to Health gives exclusive inhome assistance to practical health-improvement and personal motivation.


Before I come to your house, worldwide, for at least one month, 7/7,  we will take some time to get to know each other, see what your goals are and decide if you are ready for this method. We are in this game together. Together we will establish a workplan for the coming weeks in a pace that is perfect for you. At the end of my stay, your environment will be perfectly adapted to your new chosen life, you should be ready and willing to continue on the health path alone and able to motivate your friends and family to share your new ideas and help you persist.


Met een kort uittreksel van het voorgaande, ook in een eigen apart soort blokje zoals de “blockquote”.

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