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The whole idea of ​​expanding how I offer healthcare comes from a desire to help a person in need for three weeks, at home and around the world. It’s the ideal formula for people who feel that something urgently needs to be changed, who feel they can’t handle it alone, that it’s time to call for help.

Do you dream of having someone by your side? Someone with therapeutic skills to guide you on your way to independence, healthy eating and balanced lifestyles?

Health depends much more on our habits and diet than on drugs

- John Lubbock -

It’s a bold proposal: I accompany you at home for the 3 weeks of this innovative offer! Three weeks to find what you thought you had lost: your vitality, your energy, your motivation.

As an osteopath I take time to work with your body. Often we come across blockages that have settled in your body long ago and can result in your current condition. You might be surprised how not only your physiology, but also your bodily structure, can get in the way of optimal health!

I can help you lose or gain weight, move without pain and with pleasure, breathe correctly. I will teach you how to create a regenerative, vital and colorful diet. I motivate you to explore the reasons why your health is not 100% and to find your own way to tackle chronic conditions.

We even look at the extent to which the layout of your house, the layout of your kitchen, can be a liability and prevent change.

Don't look back wondering 'why', look ahead and say 'why not'...!

- Anoniem -

I encourage you to ask yourself if now is the right time and if I can be the person to help you achieve your health goals. A 3-week agreement is a one way ticket, we will explore your full recovery potential starting from your entry level and adjusting as we progress.

Why 3 weeks? It is said that a minimum of 3 weeks is needed to integrate changes so they become habits. After the program, I am available online for you.

Initially, we will take the time to envision our collaboration and to design an individualised tailored project.

If you are willing to go into depth, trusting in the body’s ability to correct itself and give the dynamics of life every chance, now could be the right time to act, don’t wait any longer!


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Health coaching is not a substitute for medical consultations and does not interfere with medical care or ongoing care on any level. Confidentiality is guaranteed.