A doctor treats you and asks you to change your habits. A therapist will give you expert advice and treatment, geared to your health situation. As your coach I will walk alongside you, guide you, help you comply with the advice of these experts. I will help you find your own way of coping with your chronic illness.



How to describe this wonderful non-manipulative technique, called 'biodynamic' osteopathy that I have been practising for over 20 years? I should start by explaining that our body is always in motion, even when you sleep. And that this mobility can sometimes be undermined. In biodynamic osteopathy, we explore these tissue dynamics and, through infinitely gentle and respectful gestures, we support a return to balance.



Life affects our body. Life affects our breathing. Because we can voluntarily direct our breath, we can use it to reach areas where emotional and physical tension has built up and free circulation of energy is blocked.



In your own kitchen, using your own appliances and tools, I'll show you how you can easily change your eating habits to take full advantage of the regenerating and energizing properties of real, fresh, natural food.


These qualities at your service


Extensive experience

Extensive experience with natural solutions: knowledge of optimal nutrition and functional medicine offers a wide choice to adapt to your specific needs.

In-depth knowledge

Decades of practical experience have given me an in-depth understanding of our living anatomy, a functional view of our physiology, and a sound vision of how to build natural balance, for optimal health.


My priority is to my clients.  To be a true partner, I come with an accepting and empathetic outlook to enable transformation.