When you don't know anymore where to turn to ...

Since my teenage years, I have been struggling with pains that were at times chronic and disabling. A search in regular and alternative care for years was to no avail. Very discouraging indeed.

Last summer, I spent 3 weeks in treatment with Gabrielle. The intensive care she provides requires time and energy from you but also from your loved ones, but it's definitely worth it!

Gabrielle treats with patience, unbridled energy, motivates, explains and takes you along in the process. She uses her expertise and versatility in her personalised treatments. I did not feel alone and this gave me confidence and hope. The fact that she is present for 3 weeks means that a complete picture is formed of where the complaints come from, but also that they are tackled immediately! No pain relief, but treatment. To the core of the problem.

And with an amazingly positive result! My symptoms are almost completely in remission. I have never been pain-free for such a long time!

After this intensive course, you have more knowledge, more self-control and you can always contact Gabrielle with all your questions.

It feels like a re-honouring of the body and the soul!


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When you don't know anymore where to turn to ...

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