You are looking for an answer to your ailments, you are interested in alternative medicine, you want to change your routine as well as the content of your plate.

Well, I have some excellent news!
In fact, I have two pieces of news:
The first one is that my wife and I made this extraordinary journey twice in 2022. Once for 3 weeks and a few months later I was happy to share it for 10 days with my family clan and it was great.

The second is that we didn't have to move from home.
Because Destination Santé, led by a super professional with a very complete experience, comes to your home and accompanies you for 7-10-20 days or more at your convenience and the results are quite spectacular.
Doing this journey from home is a very unique opportunity because when Gabrielle leaves, you are prepared for everything you have put in place in your own living environment and will therefore be usable from the moment Madame Marges leaves. No need to pack or unpack. She comes to your place in her van and brings everything you need to get better and better, day by day.
Her 30 years of experience in osteopathy, physiotherapy, living food and many other fields will bring you radiance, relief and inner peace.
It is a Destination that we have loved to experience in the intimacy of our flesh, of our souls and in our living space. This journey, this Destination, begins at home and takes you far away, always safely and comfortably.

I have been fighting an aggressive cancer for 30 months and the results obtained thanks to these days and weeks with Gabrielle are amazing, after a big operation, tens of chemo, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.
I am doing very well.

Thank you to Gabrielle, whom we warmly recommend,

Manoel and Françoise

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