Hello, my name is Daniel, I'm 69 years old and I was born and have lived in the 'Ile de France' region for 65 years.
Like many internet users, I often read testimonials or reviews before making a purchase, choosing a restaurant or a trip, but I very rarely write reviews myself. If I'm taking the time today to tell you about my three-week experience with Gabrielle under her 'Exclusively Yours'-formula, it's because I really want to inspire you.
Of course the subject is health.
Before I tell you what we've arrived at, I need to say a few words about where I started:
I grew up in a small house in the suburbs with a garden cultivated first by my grandfather and then by my father. In short, I was lucky enough to eat organic vegetables and fruit in season until I married Martine at the age of 24, who lived in more or less the same circumstances. We continued to follow our parents' example, although we didn't grow our own vegetables.
I practised many sports: jogging, cycling, skiing, horse-riding, swimming, diving, funboarding, boating, gliding and paragliding.
Despite this, the daily canteen, the lunchtime and evening restaurants have had a few effects. Mainly a weight gain, which at a rough estimate is around 50 grams a month. When you put it like that, it doesn't sound like much, so there's nothing to panic about. But when you add it all up, 50 x 12 = 600 g per year, multiplied by 45 = 27 kg. Add the 73 kg I started with, and I've got a quintal! For a man of 1.72 m that's a BMI of 33.8... so basically I'm obese!
Obviously, there are consequences for my health: lower back pain, sciatica, my body leaning to the left, a cracked meniscus in my right knee, colitis, sleep apnea. Sport was becoming complicated.
All this was compounded by the discovery of prostate cancer four years ago. After the operation at Montsouris Hospital, it was very difficult to get back into the swing of things.
That was the starting point for my desire to improve my health.
Before calling on Gabrielle, I did a 9-day course with a naturopath before my operation in 2018, and in 2019 I spent three weeks at the Hippocrates Institute in the United States, and another 9 days with the same naturopath.
For your information, I'd like to take this opportunity to give you the prices charged at the time:
1100 € for nine days, 7000 $ for three weeks in the USA (not including travel or accommodation).
For those who have already taken this type of course, we all know the effect of detox and living foods on our bodies: mainly weight loss, a new-found sense of well-being and a substantial gain in energy.
But nobody knows the effect of this diet combined with osteopathy.
So here we are, Gabrielle has arrived with her battery of tools, sprouter, blender, juicer, dehydrator, filter fountain, kettle, chopping board and knives. She spends an enormous amount of time during the day preparing juices, smoothies, fruit, sauces and plates, each more appetising than the last. It's really delicious and you leave the table feeling full.
At the first osteopathy session, I didn't know which pain to start with. Gabrielle started with my back, and it's clear that she quickly finds her own priorities. During the first few sessions I didn't feel anything at all, apart from my head spinning at the end. But after eight days the pain had completely disappeared, no more lower back pain, no more sciatica. In the first week, the weight came off rapidly. The following sessions focused on the pelvis, abdominal tension disappeared and so did colitis. That's when I started to feel a flow in my body. I was feeling better and better, and I took the opportunity to tell her about the meniscus that gave way when I was on my knees laying tiles, and that it reminded me of my right arm, which hasn't opened completely since I lifted the boat's battery. We laughed about all this... and than four days later it's all sorted! So now I tell Gabrielle how, in 2018, I broke my arm
and how after twenty sessions of physiotherapy I still haven't recovered the full range of motion.
I can hardly believe it... she tells me, it's going to be a bit painful. The fact is. Two manipulations later, I tell myself that social security would save money by reimbursing osteopathy.
We got happier and happier, we sang, I started walking again in the morning after breakfast, Gabrielle encouraged me to hop and skip, I don't know how, she shows me.
It's great to wake up in the morning feeling so good, and we say hello to each other with smiles on our faces. We still have a little time left, and I'm scratching my head, struggling to find a pain to relieve. Then it hits me, it was a long time ago, I'd even forgotten about it, but you end up living with it. Do you think it's possible to improve an old problem? Why not," she says.
In fact, in 1983 I fell backwards off my horse, nothing really serious, but since then I've had trouble turning my head to the left, which is annoying when driving. Here's my neck corrected after the last sessions.
I'm really happy, I'd forgotten what a normal pain-free state is about.
I'm tiptoeing out the door, obviously with 10 kg less it's possible.
I've started jogging again, not quickly of course, but I hadn't run for a very long time. Three weeks have gone by since then and the pain hasn't returned, the weight has gone up by one kilo but remains stable.
In the United States the food was excellent, but it was the same buffet almost every day and it was up to you to compose your plate, nothing like Gabrielle's presentations. Of course the courses with swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and massages bring well-being, but these are not treatments.
For me the conclusion is clear, osteopathy treats us, and that's the essential difference.
Well done and thank you, Gabrielle

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