-A three-week period devoted to a healthy lifestyle based on a vegan diet and daily osteopathic treatment.

This is the second time I've done this course, three months apart from the first time last autumn.
Starting the course was easy this time, building on the great results of the first course, which are still very real.
There was a progression in my good form, regularly and without painful jolts as the days went by: it was the extension and stabilisation of the benefits I'd felt the first time.
Without regular training, I was able to resume running practically every day by the sea and improve my feeling of effort round after round: my times dropped every time I ran the last week.
Very pleasant!
The menus were always in the same vein (mainly made up of raw food and a few cooked foods if they had to be so to be digestible), but they were varied and delicious.
Beautifully presented when it arrived on the table, the king-size plate frustrated me with a feeling of too little in the beginning ... and in the end not at all, because even before I had finished gobbling it up, this healthy feeling of satiety reappeared, dispelling any fear of leaving the table with hunger in my stomach.
And that reassured everyone...
To be fed and full, what an appreciable joy! With a reasonable quantity, adapted to the nutritional needs of the body.
In fact, I'd forgotten all about it immediately after the first treatment. Little by little, as the days went by, the desire to eat more normalised and balanced with my real and natural needs.
All that time in a living community for three weeks with four people was a wonderful feeling! But what made all the difference was the daily manual osteopathic treatment, extended over a cycle of 21 sessions!
As far as I know, no professional training school for therapists has ever offered this to its students! This would teach them, through their own experience, to follow a successful course of treatment right from the start of their training.
I'm an osteopath myself...
And this cure is a concrete and unexpected opportunity to resolve pains and dysfunctions that have sometimes been repressed for a long time.
I felt a lasting improvement in my body's stability and a comfort that was both desirable and useful in everyday life.
Really pleasant and enviable!
And the two approaches, nutrition and osteopathy, combined and working together, can contribute to a dynamic of health and healing.
It's an ideal, but it should bring us all closer to the perfection that we are.
Thank you Gabrielle


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