First of all I would like to thank Gabrielle for her kindness, her discretion and above all for her professionalism. Today I am finishing a second session with her.
In July, at the time of our first meeting, I was very tired physically and morally, I had just learned that I had lung cancer. In less than eight days, Gabrielle gave me back my energy and my joy of living, I was unrecognizable in the eyes of my family.
We saw each other again in early September; I was very much looking forward to resuming this health journey, coupled with an inner journey, with her. In two and a half weeks, our work went into depth, bringing to the surface buried cellular memories that were causing me major problems.
I learnt to take good care of myself through healthy, simple and living food.
Finally, I would like to say that this journey is not always easy, but Gabrielle is very attentive and makes sure to make it as smooth as possible.
Finally, undertaking this journey at home and under such guidance, is really the key to success for me !
Thank you, Gabrielle.


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