Struck in 2011 by a serious illness, I started researching other natural health techniques, both in France and abroad, such as different massage techniques, healthy nutrition (including recognizing and cooking edible wild plants), fasting and Living Food or Raw Food ( my meeting with Gabrielle). This is where I realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle!
In short, I have been a naturopath for almost 20 years and have worked as a nurse for 8.
I also supervise fasting courses within the network of “Jeûne & BienEtre”, primarily from my own naturopathic center.

Through our Detox and Health Coaching course, we offer an opportunity for those starting out on the health path to immerse themselves for four days in a warm, confidential atmosphere in our center in the middle of nature. The course includes various practical lessons, the use of the spa and treatments.

We offer you tools, advice and help to support you on your path to more independence in health. The course equips you with the keys to an optimal lifestyle, essential to prevent disease and to maintain and increase your health capital.

I look forward to meeting and guiding you!