• To integrate a natural, regenerative and balanced nutrition into your everyday life.
  • To support your medical treatments with natural resources.
  • To exercise more, because 'sitting is the new smoking'.
  • To hydrate your body well and deeply.
  • To detoxify your body and regain your natural radiance.
  • To control your weight.
  • To restore healthy sleep.
  • To understand that the vital principle of the body is that it is always moving towards health.
  • And above all to become confident and in love with life...

Have you tried dieting? Have you ever visited a health centre, read books on the subject or found information on the internet? Have you realised that changing your habits is not easy when you are alone at home and even less so if you already feel weak or unsupported?

A health coach helps you to give yourself the gifts of good sleep, a healthier body and a zest for life. She ‘holds the space’, so you can find yourself and regain your health.

Whether your condition requires urgent response or you want to take preventive action, the health coach is there for you and only for you,  listening to you and giving advice adapted to who you are and where you’re at.

Your doctor treats you and asks you to change your habits. Your therapist gives you expert advice. Your Health Coach walks alongside you, accompanies you, helps you stick to the advice of these experts. She helps you find your own way to deal with chronic diseases that may have been affecting you for too long, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, cancer, neurological conditions… She challenges you, helps you explore possible ways that fit your life plan and schedule. After all, there is no standard solution.

Your health coach helps you to find your character strengths and to use them to achieve your goals. Together you will clarify the barriers that have prevented you from succeeding up to now. You will find the courage to face them.

She believes in you and knows that you have all the resources you need to succeed. Step by step, one small action at a time, your confidence will grow and you’ll realise that you can use these tools in all aspects of your life.

You will leave your coaching equipped!

Perhaps it is the power of supporting each other that will help each of us to regain our health.

- Mark Hymann, Functional Medicine -

At the beginning of 2021 I obtained the Health Coach Certificate in Functional Medicine (FMCA-certified Health Coach) and I am delighted to be able to offer you my guidance.

My unique offer



‘Exclusively Yours’:

This offer is not only for adults.  If your child is struggling with his/her health, a home coach can be of great benefit. At the same time, the whole family will be part of making the necessary changes.


Please refer to the special page  ‘Exclusively Yours‘ .

Health coaching is not a substitute for medical consultations and does not interfere with medical care or ongoing care on any level. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

These values at your service



My priority is to my clients.  To be a true partner, I come with an accepting and empathetic outlook to enable transformation.

Extensive experience

Extensive experience with natural solutions: knowledge of optimal nutrition and functional medicine offers a wide choice to adapt to your specific needs.


I am at your service wherever country you are. You also have the choice of language, I speak French, English and Dutch.


Flexibility is perhaps the best thing about this client-oriented concept. Every person, every situation, is different, and requires tailor-made solutions.