Food deserves a much more important place in the treatment of chronic illnesses, and can thus contribute to improving health. And I’m not just talking about the health of our intestines, but that of the body as a whole.

Since 2005 I’ve been interested in living foods, i.e. non-animal, minimally processed and raw foods. As well as fruit and vegetables, we use nuts, sprouted seeds, seaweed, juices and smoothies. During training courses as a client and later as an assistant, I observed the difference that food can make to our well-being and to the improvement of pathologies.

In 2018 I became aware of the information passed on by Anthony William and since then I have been able to considerably improve my understanding of food as a tool for transformation.


Hippocrates is known for his detailed observation and description of patients and diseases. From this, he based his therapeutic approach on the ‘Vis Medicatrix Naturae’ or ‘Nature’s Healing Force’, a theory based on the principle that the body contains within itself the power to rebalance and heal itself.

If you have health problems of any kind, you need to make a change. Eating restorative foods and eliminating foods that fuel problems is the most important aspect of healing an illness or health condition.

- Anthony William -

What exactly do we know about our food? And what impact does it have on our vitality, on our ability to maintain a high level of energy?

We’re going to look at foods that can transform us (fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices and wild foods), as well as those that are not beneficial to us, that hinder our health and are known as non-foods.


In your own kitchen, using your own appliances and tools (I’ll bring any you don’t have), I’ll show you how you can easily change your eating habits to take full advantage of the regenerating and energizing  properties of real, fresh and natural foods.

Eating these high-quality foods is an approach that aims to transcend illness, just as Hippocrates taught us.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

- Hippocrates -