How to describe this wonderful, non-manipulative technique called ‘biodynamic’ osteopathy, which I have been practising for more than 20 years?
I must start by explaining to you that our body is always in motion, even when you sleep.
When pain, lack of mobility or inflammation has set in, this fluctuating, dynamic and intrinsic rhythm is affected and is sometimes very difficult to detect.

In biodynamic osteopathy, with our expert touch, we investigate the tissue dynamics and support the return to balance through subtle and respectful gestures. During the session, you usually lie on your back (you may stay dressed if you come in loose clothing). The osteopath starts with ‘listening’ by taking the axis of the body between his hands, placed under the back of the head (skull) and under the sacrum (pelvis).

You may be surprised by the absence of joint and vertebral manipulations and by the practitioner’s apparent immobility during treatment. It uses your overall relaxation to reach deep areas, helping the body to balance membranes (fascia) and fluids.

Balancing the tension of the membranes and the fluctuation of fluids restores the normal physiological metabolism of the whole body and stimulates the capacity for self-healing. The body begins to repair itself.

It is not the task of the practitioner to heal the sick, but to mobilise a part or the whole system so that the life streams can resume their work and irrigate the parched fields.

- Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy 1828 - 1917 -

This deep balancing act continues after the session: during the first 2-3 days after the intervention you are asked not to strain. The rebalancing may continue for one or more weeks, even months. Do not always expect immediate recovery after your session, but wait a few days to notice a result.


Osteopathy is beneficial for everyone; from athletes to the elderly, from pregnant women to babies, from children and adolescents to the working population.

Are you in need of in-depth bodywork? Take advantage of the discount on 3 consecutive sessions.

Most insurance policies fully or partially reimburse osteopathy. I can provide you with a (French) invoice, which is often accepted in other countries.


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Biodynamic osteopathy does not require manipulations, but uses deep, ‘gentle’ techniques. You can wear comfortable clothes (T-shirt and leggings/joggers). So come without hesitation.

In-depth knowledge

Decades of practical experience have given me an in-depth understanding of our living anatomy, a functional view of our physiology, and a sound vision of how to build natural balance, for optimal health.


My priority is to my clients.  To be a true partner, I come with an accepting and empathetic outlook to enable transformation.